Friday, January 16, 2009

Making someone smile is what it is all about!!!

I sent a package with a bunch of scrapping goodies to a single mother raising 2 children and trying very hard to make ends meet. Well she received the box and was just thrilled with everything. But what she was really thankful for was what her children learned. (She was grateful for all the supplies also). Ya see her children couldn't believe that someone not even knowing you would do such a nice thing. I have never talk to this lady before, I had just seen her posting to cafemoms every now and then. Here is her thank you post:

"on wed i was not to excited that day. my kids were home on a snow day of no school, we were missing kids club which i enjoy doing at my church and it now meant i had to cook supper as we usually eat at the church on wed's. At about 4pm, i bundled myself up and walked to check the mail, knowing full well i wasnt going to do it today thurs with the dangerously -15 degrees with windchill in the -20's. im glad i checked the mail on wed as i had a key in my mailbox. it was for the BIG packages mailbox. i grabbed it and all the mail and trudged my cold body back home. i thought this was a box train i had signed up for and it got sent out and i didnt know it. WRONG!!!! i opened it and a note fell out:

"Nikki, I hope you enjoy this RAK and find a few things you can use! i was thinking if u didnt like some of the patterned paper u could turn it over and use the white side. Enjoy, Dont ya just love cafemom! I included a mini book for your DD :)"

in this box i found TONS of paper about 100 sheets although i didnt count its a guess. Then as i keep pulling stuff out, i find this sack full of different sorts of embellies brads, stickers, flowers, tags, TONS! i get yet another stack of long strips of papers with yet more tags, journalling boxes, photo mattes and stuff with scalloped type edges. i mean this is just amazing... this box was exploding with stuff and i am SOOOOOOOOOOO very grateful.

My mouth dropped open and i had tears. my kids surrounded me in the house and chanted "open it, open it". lol, they were amazed to see all this scrapbooking stuff come out of this one box. they were so amazed and said cool and neat stuff with everything they saw. my son read the note and said " what does RAK mean. i explained and he said WOW, that means someone u dont know was nice to u n is letting u have all this stuff? so not only did u cheer me up, but u showed my kids that people do things for others out of the kindness of their own hearts to someone u dont know! THANK YOU!!!!

to this person that sent this. if u coulda seen the reactions of me and my children, u woulda been crying! it was a joyous heart warming moment. I thank you so very very much! btw: like a FEW things, A FEW??? lol, try every thing u sent will be put to good use.... lol. i loved it all, and the paper my kids where with me going thru the paper and they would say.. christmas, easter, 4th of july, mine, his, hers, girly, that would be a cute christmas one, oh wow, look at that one mom, awwwwwww, i love it. i think im gonna have to fight (to use some of this paper) with my children. now the fun part.... where do i put it all? because my supply is, now has, been so small, i fit it all on a lil tv stand in my bedroom and now im thinking... im gonna have to figure something else out on hey im not complaining, im excited!!!!

again, THANK YOU MYSTERY PERSON!!!!! i cant say it enough, but please know that u gave me happy tears and taught children what can be done when a person has kindness in their hearts for another. "


chelemom said...

What a very sweet thing to do! : )

Debbie said...

That was so sweet. That definately makes it so worth sending RAK's. Your wonderful Janet!!