Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm so excited we finally have a Hobby Lobby

So Hobby Lobby's opened about 30 minutes from where I live on Monday Oct 20th. Oh yes I had to be there opening day with my sister. Wow what an amazing store!! We were in there 3 hours and it was great. The cashier that check us out gave us 50% off every item we had!! Thanks goodness I didn't know we were going to save 50% on everything cause I would of had at least 3 carts full instead of the one overflowing cart I had. LOL
Anyhow my sister and I went back Thursday just to check things out before the Grand opening sale ended. Needless to say we found a few more things we couldn't live without. This time when we check out we did not get the same deal(50% off) :o( Oh well I was so happy with the deal we got the first day I decided if it wasn't on sale I didn't really need it!! I guess opening day they were just to busy to check their list to see what was on sale and what was not on sale!!!

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